About Us

New Life Animal Sanctuary is exclusively devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals saved from laboratories.

This ground-breaking effort offers a permanent home to pigs, cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, mice, and others, where they will never suffer in the name of vivisection or be confined alone in small cages again.
Many labs are starting to retire some animals to sanctuaries rather than euthanize but there is currently nowhere for them to go…. Until now!

With the generosity of Mark and Jane Garrison, we have opened the sanctuary in Lake Elsinore, CA which is providing a special oasis for animals who have known nothing but steel bars and people in white coats. They now learn about love and compassion, about having only the best food, about having toys and soft beds and much space for play and exercise.

Everyone wants to know: “How do you get animals from labs?”

We already know that labs are looking for sanctuaries to place animals. We have contacts within the research community who are willing to help facilitate deals that would allow for animals to be “retired” rather than “sacrificed.” We also work with University student groups to lobby their schools to follow a more humane path and choose sanctuary over euthanasia.  Of course, we will be dependent on the labs to voluntarily hand over animals and all transfers will be completely legal.  With millions of animals in labs, there is no doubt that enough animals will be released to fill up our land in no time.

We eventually plan to accommodate non-human primates as well!

“The number of primates being used in medical research and testing are reaching record levels.  In the past, labs routinely killed the apes and monkeys when the research was completed.  Now, however, if the primates are not involved in terminal studies, we are seeing many being offered to sanctuaries.  Unfortunately, high quality animal sanctuaries are always full.  Not enough space exists to absorb large groups of primates.  Considering how these animals have been abused, this is unacceptable.  More resources are needed to expand current sanctuaries and to build new ones.  The fate of many of these animals hangs in the balance.” -Vernon Weir, Director, American Sanctuary Association