13 Mice from High School Biology Experiment

Posted on Nov 9, 2015 | 0 comments

13 Mice from High School Biology Experiment

In mid-August, 2015, we took in 13 little “lady mice” from a high school Biology experiment! They went from tiny little bins with no enrichment to a HUGE tank with tons of houses, wheels, toys, places to hide, things to chew on, etc… Quite an upgrade!!

Every life matters here to us at New Life and we are grateful when we are able to rescue even the tiniest of critters from experimentation. Rats and mice have absolutely no protection under current laws and are usually subject to the cruelest of tests that the human mind can even conceive of because it is presumed that no one cares. They feel pain, fear, joy, and just want to live, like any of us do.

It is estimated that mice and rats account for up to 95% of animals in research and though no official numbers are reported (because they are not covered under the Animal Welfare Act), it is likely in the hundreds of millions killed every year.

Our little ladies will know nothing but happiness and love for the rest of their natural lives!


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