No Pig Left Behind!

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No Pig Left Behind!

We couldn’t be more pleased to announce that THIRTY-ONE Gottingens mini-pigs were rescued from a Bay Area laboratory on July 7, 2015!! 31 lucky little lives are SAFE and en route to FREEDOM, never to be test subjects again!! We believe this to be the largest rescue of pigs from a laboratory to date!

We were originally approached to take in 4; then the lab decided to release 18. Then it was 30. And even as the pigs were being loaded up, we were asked to take 1 more, the lone boy of the group. So our motto for the day became “Leave No Pig Behind!” and we pulled it off without a hitch!

15 were transported directly to New Life Animal Sanctuary and 16 were temporarily housed at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary as we scrambled to raise funds to build them a proper barn and predator-proof enclosure. Thanks to generous donations from the National Anti-vivisection Society, Compassion Circle, Stop Animal Exploitation Now, and countless compassionate and giving individuals, we raised the money and erected “NAVS Pig Haven” in record time!

Meanwhile, 2 of the pigs found a forever home and Harvest Home fell in love with 2 and decided to make them permanent residents of their sanctuary. The remaining 27 are now comfortably and happily enjoying their new digs where their lives are valued and they are provided with nutritious meals, a mud pit, pools, fresh hay, shelter, toys, and anything else a piggy could ever hope for and were denied during their years of confinement in the laboratory!

Gottingens mini-pigs were bred specifically for research to mature faster and to be more handleable due to their size. They are commonly used for skin toxicology, surgical practice and cardiovascular research. Like full size pigs, they are very social and highly intelligent.

Please make a tax-deductible donation towards the care of these lucky little piggies!!


Or checks can be mailed to:

New Life Animal Sanctuary
PO Box 902
Lake Elsinore, CA 92532

You can also send food, toys and other pig essentials from our Amazon Wish List for Pigs (the basics are there and we will add more over the coming days/weeks):…/…/EUAEQOJFVBI6/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_o?

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