7 Mama Bunnies and their 25 babies Rescued from Lab!

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7 Mama Bunnies and their 25 babies Rescued from Lab!

September 20, 2015

New Life Animal Sanctuary is pleased to welcome 32 new residents this evening!!

A Bay Area animal laboratory recently shut down (yay!) and a few employees stepped up to save the lives of 14 rabbit mothers and their babies. Some were adopted out by a kind, compassionate woman who took them in temporarily to keep them safe.

Today a New Life Animal Sanctuary volunteer made the trip to the Bay Area and picked up the remaining 7 moms and 25 babies who are all settled in to the David Hayden Bunny House with fresh hay, toys, veggies and lots of love!!!

Each of these lives matters. They are not tools. They are not numbers. They will never be exploited for human ends again. They get to be bunnies and live natural, happy, bunny lives!!

Please consider making a donation as all these beings will need to be vetted and spayed/neutered!



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