Sponsor a Resident

Rats finally enjoying friends and fun

With your help, we’re able to give our residents a wonderful new life. Sponsoring a resident is the best way to provide ongoing, consistent support we know we can count on. Sponsorships make great gifts for your compassionate loved ones, too. It’s like giving two gifts at the same time – one for them and one for a lucky animal who relies on the kindness of humans. If you have a particular animal in mind, use the text box to let us know which individual you’d like to sponsor. Otherwise, we’ll choose one for you. You’ll receive a certificate with your sponsored animal’s picture and story.


The Mice and Rats

Mice form loving family groups. Cuddle pile!

Our tiniest residents are often visitor favorites. Survivors of laboratories where over 100 million of their brethren live and die horrifically in tiny shoebox-sized plastic bins each year, our little rodent friends really blossom when they learn that they’re safe and loved. To our knowledge, NLAS is still the only sanctuary in the country to provide lifetime care for rats and mice released from labs. Your sponsorship helps us provide not only their basic needs, but also enrichment toys and upgraded housing with lots of room to explore. For just $5 a month, you can make a tiny white nose wiggle with glee!



The Chickens, Ducks, and Turkeys


Earl is one of our newest residents

Pumpkin party in the chicken pen!

The majority of our feathered residents are survivors of animal agriculture. Some, like our white hens, came from egg farms where they were housed in rows of tiny metal cages and had their upper beaks removed so they could be packed in even more tightly. Others, like our turkeys, were relinquished when the families raising them for a holiday meal compassionately spared them. Your sponsorship helps provide our birds with predator-proof housing, healthy food, and good quality vet care. We’d like to expand our bird areas to provide them even more room to stretch their wings, so your sponsorship of $10 monthly will also help make that dream a reality for Elvis, Earl, and their feathered friends.



The Rabbits

Bunnies enjoying a fresh green salad

Hundreds of thousands of rabbits are subject to barbaric experiments in labs each year. We were able to rescue more than 30 rabbits from a lab in San Francisco that closed, and many of those moms and babies now call NLAS home. While they look very much alike, each has their own personality, distinct likes and dislikes, and daily habits. It’s worth taking the time to get to know our bunnies! Your sponsorship helps us provide the produce they need each day to stay healthy, the spacious housing they enjoy, and especially the very specialized vet care they require. For $15 each month, you can make a bunny like Mac binky with joy!



The Cats

Martin is the official sanctuary greeter

It is estimated that around 25,000 cats are used in biomedical research each year. NLAS resident Martin is believed to be the first cat voluntarily released from a laboratory in the US, and later he was joined by other feline friends. Sponsoring Martin or any other resident for $20 a month helps us keep their indoor/outdoor living space clean and comfortable, and provide them with all the delicious food, toys, and medical care they need.


The Dogs

Jane and Rebecca enjoying a snuggle

Dogs are often used in both human and veterinary medical laboratories. They are either bred specifically for that purpose, or they’re bought from unscrupulous shelters who send unclaimed pets to this sad fate.  New Life is home to several dogs released from laboratories, including Jane and Rebecca, who share our founder’s home. Help keep our dogs in chew toys, flea preventative, and other necessities  by sponsoring a dog for $25 a month.



The Goats and Sheep

Bernie enjoys climbing anything that will hold still long enough

The goat residents at NLAS come from a variety of backgrounds, including a science center where they were used for behavioral observation, and 4H program, where children are taught to raise animals for slaughter. Goats are loving, highly social animals who are often compared to “puppies with hooves.”

Our sheep, mom Hillary and her lamb Sophia, are our newest residents. They were rescued from the kill pen of an auction, where mom actually gave birth, by a dedicated group of local activists. They’re both going to need a lot of TLC to heal from their ordeal, but we’re up for the job!

Sponsor any of our goats or sheep for $30 a month to help us provide good quality hay, safe shelter, and all the pedicures they need.


The Pigs

One of our lovely pig ladies enjoying the sunshine

In 2015, after a last-minute emergency rescue effort, we were honored to become home to 24 special Gottingen pigs who were released from a closing laboratory. With the help of the National Anti-Vivisection Society, NAVS Pig Haven was built to house them. You can read the entire story on The Dodo. Sponsor Alice, Lucy, or any of the other girls (yes, all girls!) for just $35 a month.



The Large Animals

Rocko and Diego

A rare serious look

While our mission focuses on animals rescued from laboratories, we’re often asked to take survivors from the agriculture industry or abuse/neglect cases who have no where else to go. Because we believe that all animals in need deserve sanctuary, we take them in as space allows. We’re currently home to Nelson and Gandhi, two miniature Hereford steers rescued from slaughter; Rocko and Diego, two llamas who found themselves stranded in a city shelter with nowhere to go; a nearly-40-year-old, mostly blind pony named Angelina discarded by a school program, and a donkey named Harmony, bound for slaughter when she found herself in a “kill pen” at a Texas auction. You can help fill their feeders with hay and grain, protect them from pests and the elements, and maybe buy a new giant ball for them to kick around for $40 a month. They love to pair up, and Diego might get jealous and spit if  Rocko gets a sponsor and he doesn’t, so $75 a month sponsors two of them.


The Entire Sanctuary


Harmony enjoys a good roll in the dirt

New Life Animal Sanctuary is very much a labor of love for everyone involved, from the founder to every single volunteer. No one gets paid, we receive no state or federal funding, and we aren’t affiliated with any larger humane organizations you might support. We just couldn’t keep going without our generous donors. For $250 a month, you could be a large part of the solid support base we need to continue rescuing survivors.

Note regarding holiday sponsorships: As of 12/15/17, we can’t guarantee you’ll receive a certificate in the mail before 12/25. If you’d like a PDF certificate emailed for you to forward to your recipient or to print, you MUST email volunteers@newlifeanimalsanctuary.org before 12/24 and tell us. Please allow 24 hours for the certificate to reach you. 

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