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We’re urgently in need of a helping hand.
Or paw. Or hoof.

Even small help can bring BIG change. Can we count on you?



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P.O. Box 902 Lake Elsinore, CA 92532

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Alex at “Volunteer Day” January 2023

New Life Animal Sanctuary was founded 15 years ago with the rescue of around 300 small animals from a university psychology lab. Hamsters, guinea pigs, rats and mice – and later some bunnies from another lab – and we put those lucky little guys in a garage.

We have been at our current location in Lake Elsinore for 10 years and remain dedicated to the rescue and care of animals (large and small), primarily from laboratories, who have suffered from abuse or exploitation. Our mission is to provide a safe place and care for these animals to heal physically and emotionally.

Imagine spending all of your days in a metal cage or concrete kennel, without enrichment and never seeing the light of day. Only a very few lucky ones ever get out alive. We are honored to give them the second chance at life, love, safety, and proper care – that they all deserve.

To date, we have rescued well over 1000 animals from laboratory confinement.

It takes a village of volunteers and donors! There’s much more ahead so your kindness can help continue our invaluable and life-changing work!!


Buy only cruelty-free. Spread our mission. Send us love by purchasing items from our Chewy Wishlist and Amazon Wishlist. ROUND UP at our feed store, click here for instructions.

We always need volunteers who love animals! Content creators and Social media managers are needed also, click here for the details.

THANK YOU from the pigs, goats, rabbits, rats, dogs, and cats who now live free instead of in a laboratory!

New Life Animal Sanctuary founder, Gina, with piglet DeRose, a 5 month old Göttingen mini-pig rescued in 2022. He is named after Chris DeRose, founder of Last Chance for Animals.
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