EIN 90-0343838, a 501(c)(3) Charity

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Donations mean the World to us

We are a 100% volunteer operation, every donation dollar goes directly to the care of current residents and towards future rescues.

Be someone’s Hero by becoming a Monthly Sponsor…

…or by making a one-time donation here.

Sponsor A Survivor

You can directly helping us provide food, medications, lifestyle enrichment items, and emergency veterinary care to that specific animal (which trickles over into TLC for all the animals)! You will receive receipts and photo updates of your new sponsored friend.

Choose a sponsorship option below or Contact Us to set up a plan to fit your giving budget.

Sponsor A Pigeon


per month

Our “lucky 13” came to us in 2020 from a university. A new pigeon aviary was built to accommodate them – a sharp contrast to their former tiny cages where they could not stretch their wings.

Our other feathered friends include ducks, chickens, guinea fowl and a turkey.

Sponsor A Pig


per month

31 mini-pigs were rescued in 2015 and 10 more “oinkers” have joined our clan since then.

$35 provides one piggie with pellets (and some watermelons and pumpkins) for a month.

Sponsor Our Sanctuary


per month

Our sanctuary is home to more than 100 animal residents

The cost for hay, grain, rabbit pellets, vegetables, dog chow, and other nutrition is about $45,000 per year!

Thank you from the pigs, goats, rabbits and dogs who now live on a sanctuary instead of a laboratory!

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