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Round Up for New Life

Round-Up Feed Store is our go-to, local supplier for hay, grain, pellets, and all kinds of animal nutrition. You can help our animals by making a financial donation to our account at Round-Up or choose some supplies when you’re there to be added to our next delivery! Round-Up Feed Store: 951-678-919031705 Central AvenueWildomar, CA 92595Account: […]

Pigs Rescued From Lab Feel Sunlight For The Very First Time

Pigs Rescued From Lab Feel Sunlight For The Very First Time By Sarah V Schweig Published on July 10, 2015 at 8:30 AM https://www.thedodo.com/lab-pigs-feel-sunlight-1241605042.html At first, they didn’t know what to do – they huddled in their carriers, divided from each other, the way the were used to being kept in the lab, the only place […]

Rabbits and Rats

ADULT AND BABY RATS While in route to pick up a piggy from a laboratory last year, the lab informed us about 6 expectant rat mothers were set to be euthanized. They said we were welcome to save them if we wanted.  So, of course, our transporter, Crystal, scooped them up too! As usual, we […]

Facts About Animal Testing

Animal Use in Laboratories Please note that the following information contains facts and figures from primary source documents, such as reports released by the United States government, as well as domestic and international legislature. It is our wish to share the plight of animals in laboratories using only verifiable facts so that the public may […]

Booker Goes To School

New Life Animal Sanctuary volunteer Jillian was assigned a presentation on the use of dogs in laboratories and asked if we could bring Booker along to assist. We said YES of course! It made such an impact on the students to meet an actual survivor of research! He was his sweet, charming self and won […]

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